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Music Boosters Meeting Highlights

Oct. 12, 2017

Meeting called to order

Attendance:  Bonnie Young, Jo Marsh, Tammy Goodman, Andrew Shaffer, Sarah Mills, Chris Kaschube , Brian

Instrumental Music Notes

*Football Information

    ~ Friday @Mt. Gilead

    ~ Oct. 20- 8th graders will join HS for Pre-game

    ~Oct. 27- Sr. Night

           #Will need flowers for seniors

  ~Oct. 30 Band Banquet

           #Plan for 220 people

           #Tablecloths are in good shape to use

*Upcoming events:

    ~Christmas Concerts

           #Dec. 11- Jr/Sr High Choirs

           #Dec. 18- Jr/Sr High Bands

     ~Solo & Ensemble - 1st week in February

     ~OMEA Conference - 2nd week in February

            #All 3 music teachers to attend

                    *Motion made to pay housing for conference

                      Jo first; Tammy second; all agreed

     ~Jr High Solo & Ensemble - Apr. 7 @ Northmor

*All Phantom tickets have been sold :)

*Financial: Invoice received for Knightsounds shirts; Student repays received from Phantom tickets, uniform fees, etc.

Elementary Music Notes

*Elementary Choir has been started “The Golden Chords”

      ~? th grades, about 20 students, Tues./Thurs. practice 3-3:30

            #Will perform at Craft Show 9:15

            #T-shirts from Renee

                  *Motion made to prepay t-shirts

                    Jo first; Tammy second; all agreed

*Presentation made by Mr. Shaffer about Sonos speaker purchase for hallways to play music in morning as students are walking to classrooms. Music could be played to relate to classroom music education.

    ~Boosters recommended Mr. Shaffer ask board office to split remaining cost (after fundraising at craft show) with the Boosters.

*Presentation made by Century Resources as a way of fundraising.

    ~6 different catalogs to choose from

    ~ Sell 2 weeks, 3 weeks for delivery

    ~ Will discuss with Mrs. Ruth before making final decisions

BINGO news

*Reconciliation came in for September

*A new microwave is needed for Concessions room

    ~Motion made to purchase new microwave

       Sarah first; Bonnie second; all agreed

Meeting Adjourned

Next meeting Nov. 16 @ 6:30

Please be sure and check the information tab on the Grade Book Home Page for important items and blizzard bags. They are listed under attachments and may be printed as PDFs.

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