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State Award Received!
staff with award
Northmor's Fiscal Office received the Ohio Auditor of State Award 
Spring District Newsletter
Open Enrollment for 21-22 School Year
open enrollment clip art
Open Enrollment applications are accepted from 8AM April 1st through 4PM on the last working day in June. When this form is submitted it is time and date stamped. Open enrollment applications are accepted for grades kindergarten through twelve and must be completed annually for each child [One application per child.] per the District Open Enrollment Policy which can be found at
This Open Enrollment application is located at
If you have any questions, please call 419-946-3946, option #4
Winter Newsletter
Spring Sports Schedule
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Parent Health Check Directions
*In the event that you or someone in your household is symptomatic and getting tested for COVID-19 please self-quarantine until the results are available.

Outdoor Facilities Update
photo of football field Dear Northmor School Community,

As you may have heard, Phase 1 of the outdoor facilities project is nearly complete.  Despite a reasonable amount of uncertainty in the economic future of our nation, state, county, and local school district, we continue to maintain a very positive financial outlook.  For nearly two years, the NLSD Board of Education, administration, and a select committee developed a master facilities plan.  We developed a long-term master facilities plan to address our aging track, football field, lighting system, baseball fields, softball fields, parking areas and bus garage parking area. The overall feeling from these groups was that the facilities situation was not going to get any better, and without acting, we were limiting opportunities for our greatest asset-students! Failing to address the facilities need of the district will cost more each year we wait. Inflation, cost of building materials, labor costs, and other construction related costs continue to increase.  Regardless of timing, our students need better and safer facilities.  Overtime they will only become more unsafe, more overcrowded, and more inadequate each year.  

These upgrades are possible due to the sound fiscal management by the Northmor administration and BOE.  With over 6 million dollars projected in savings at the end of this school year, the BOE has decided to earmark 2.7 million dollars of this money to upgrade the site improvements.  There will be NO NEW TAXES to the Northmor taxpayers to provide funds for these improvements as the money is already in the savings account to pay for the upgrades!  The BOE has decided rather than pay for the entire project from the savings account the district entered into a lease purchase agreement for the funds to pay for this project over the next ten years with the money that is currently in the savings account earmarked for the project to cover the annual installment payments. This savings account is separate from general fund operations.

The BOE and District administration feel that these improvements are long overdue and will greatly enhance the campus and educational atmosphere here at Northmor Local Schools for many, many years to come.  They will provide the latest and most up-to-date facilities for our students, staff, and community.  Our community deserves the best and we are more than happy to be able to provide this wonderful opportunity with NO ADDITIONAL cost to our constituents. Furthermore, if you ever have questions or need clarification regarding any questions with the outdoor project or district finances do not hesitate to contact District Treasurer, Gina Deppert or myself at the Board of Education Office. We are here to assist you in any way possible.


Chad A. Redmon

Outdoor Facilities Project
football field clipart Northmor Community,
Phase One of the Northmor Outdoor Facilities project is underway!  This is an exciting opportunity for past, current, and future Golden Knights that will create a positive educational and athletic experience for the foreseeable future.  During this time of construction, we ask that you refrain using the track, football field and bus garage area as this is problematic for the workers and creates a safety issue for all.